Another Version of The Last Supper by Liu Sitong

Last Supper Thumbnail Image

COURSE: Art 107

MEDIUM: Digital Collage

Merging modern technology into a historical event. How the new ways of accessing to information (Internet) shapes the “Final Meal”. According to the Gospel accounts, Jesus shared with his Apostles in Jerusalem before his crucifixion. Imagining this happens in a modern executive office or a modern fancy dinner when everyone is equal in front of information. Now, who’s guilty?

In a world flattened than ever, the hierarchy of information has disappeared. Every individual is empowered by the Internet to find information and make decisions independently. I want to best portray the democracy of information by reshaping “The Last Supper” artwork. This second version provides insights in the individual empowerment by technology facing the essence of religion and old ideologies.

Another Version of The Last Supper - a digital collage by Liu Sitong