Agvocate Magazine – Beef Edition by Kylie Germann

COURSE: Life Science Communication 332: Print & Electronic Media Design

MEDIUM: Magazine/Graphic Essay, Digital Illustration

Agvocate Magazine is a fictional magazine created for a design project. If it were to come to life, it would, as the name suggests, advocate for agriculture. Each quarterly edition would focus on a different industry within agriculture, this one in particular being beef. Talking to both producers and consumers about products, break-through technologies, misconceptions and so much more regarding each industry. Agvocate’s goal would be to close the knowledge gap of where our food comes from by connecting consumers to those who produce their food.

Coming from a more rural area and moving to Madison has made me realize how little people know about their food, how it is produced, and where it comes from. It breaks my heart knowing that so many people look down on the farming industry and think it is harming the environment when less than 5% of our country is feeding the other 95%. Although agriculture has been in practice for nearly 10,000 years, it is not an old fashioned practice that an uneducated person can get into. The technology pushing forward the agriculture industry is astounding and the research that goes into animals, crops, soil, and machinery is abundant. I created Agvocate Magazine as a vision to connect people living in urban areas who may have never seen a cow in real life before to the producers putting food on the grocery store shelves.