ABCDerium Abroad by Shea Murphy

COURSE: Graphic Design 346

MEDIUM: Digital Collage, Photography/Prints, Print Design, Magazine/Zine

This book is a collection of interesting design compositions that combine photos from my trip abroad in spring of 2022 and a variety of fonts to complete the shapes of the entire alphabet This was my first big graphic design project ever and I was extremely proud of how it turned out and how much I learned from it.

Hello! My name is Shea, although this was a school assignment, I hope my voice came through with how I designed my book to be hopefully engaging and playful. When making art I tend to go with what makes me laugh or with what I’m passionate about at the moment. This piece of work doesn’t really represent the art I’m making currently, but it’s one that felt personal as it is basically a scrapbook of this amazing trip I took and it was the project that reassured me and made me feel confident about making the decision to go into Graphic Design. So it means a lot more to me than just a school project, it’s a reminder that I made the right choice switching my major in my junior year from Engineering to Graphic Design. This project washed away any doubt or guilt about switching so late, because I finally felt like I was in the right place. This project makes me smile and gets me excited for what more I can do.

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