A Day in the Life of Interior Design Students by Design Studies 623

STUDENTS: Amy Huebner, Dana Macejkovic, Jarrett Abenstein, Olivia Zabel, Abby Hultman, Teddy Schober, Julia Griffith, Allison Pfeifer, Brittany Breeze, Kristy Archibald, Katie Paulos, Brittany Biedebender, Kenneth Casper, Shelby Mason, Kelley Bush, Kira Ault, Shannon Stuntebeck, Kate Manley, Emma Stepien, Farrah Yang, Denise Braun & Erin Shoenbureck

COURSE: Design Studies 623 – Interior Design IV

MEDIUM: Video Animation

A stop motion animation film created by Interior Design students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the Interior Design IV course. Special thanks to Tiny Circus for helping us create the project.

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