Zibo Map of Culture and Tourism by Atlas Guo

MEDIUM: Map, Poster

My hometown Zibo City became a phenomenal spot because of its barbecue in the spring of 2023, therefore I made this map to introduce the history and culture of this beautiful city, and also for tourism by displaying the natural features, attractions, public transportations, as well as some fun facts. It was originally designed in Chinese, while major information is translated into English as well.

This map was presented during the 2023 annual conference of North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS), and won the Best Cartographic Design Award in Student Map and Poster Competition. The introductive video clip of the first version also has about 2K Views on WeChat.

The key to this map is nothing but my passion and love to my hometown. As a native of Zibo, I am extraordinarily familiar with this place, but I still spent a lot of time collecting first-hand data, and of course, tried my best to represent this lovely land with my heart.