Yuzie by Zhiyu Jin

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COURSE: CA 155 Introduction to Digital Media Production

MEDIUM: Poster / Digital Illustration

This is a TV poster about my life experience of constantly moving to different places. As an international student, I moved from China to the United States to attend UW-Madison. But before that, I moved from Jiaojiang to Hangzhou and Hangzhou to Shanghai. I really appreciate this experience because I was able to explore and feel the vibes of different cities.

Yuzie, my Chinese name in reverse, is my preferred English name. Since the assignment was about me and my life, I chose this as the title. In this poster, I photoshopped myself into a mermaid-bird because while growing up, I was constantly moving. I was born in Jiaojiang, a district in Taizhou City. I spent all of my childhood there. Then, I moved to Hangzhou for middle school. Two years later, I transferred to an international school near Shanghai and spent four years there. Lastly, about a year ago, I moved from China to Madison in order to attend this college. Since I was constantly moving, I felt I was like a bird who travels around the sky and a mermaid who explores the hidden treasures in different corners of a huge ocean. I appreciate this experience because it has given me the chance to see different views and made me into a more independent person.

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