Video Essays

Video essays use audiovisual materials to research and explore topics in an objective, subjective, or even poetic manner. Like written essays, video essays may contain an introduction, argument, supporting evidence, and conclusion. The simultaneity of sound, visual, text, and voice and the rhythms of editing and juxtaposition can create complex patterns of meaning and association.


iMovie, Adobe Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro


  • Have a clear vision of your thesis or argument.
  • Storyboard first. This will help you keep your project manageable, help identify what you need to meet your goals, and is an easy way to visualize your project and make changes, without having to spend hours rebuilding your video.
  • Cite and document your sources. If you didn’t make the original, give credit to the person/people who did.
  • Have someone look at your storyboard or rough cut, and tell you what they think your main points are. Make adjustments as needed if your message isn’t clear.