UW–Madison Women’s Hockey Infographic: Championship Wins by Charles Marleau

COURSE: Art 463: Information Graphics

MEDIUM: Infographic

In this work, an infographic illustrates UW–Madison’s women’s hockey championship wins over the last two decades. Using the language of UW–Madison’s brand, the infographic takes on a kinetic and lively feel that celebrates a historic UW–Madison sports achievement.

This infographic was influenced by an inclusive, friendly, and sportsmanship vision, culminating in a modern yet vintage feel after the finishing touches were put on. Through the data displayed, I was able to articulate some of my own illustration styles, but the goal was to meet the expectations that this work would be published in UW–Madison’s OnWisconsin magazine. So, ultimately, their design language was taken on for this project.

My own point of view as an artist/designer was partially put into this infographic, but its goal isn’t to say anything that I hold as a perspective. Its job was merely to excite and inform people about an achievement in our college’s community.