The Journey to Whiteland/Reisen til Hvittenland! by Emily Beyer

COURSE: Scandinavian Studies 404/202

MEDIUM: Digital Collage; Presentation

This Powerpoint presentation retells the latter part of the Norwegian folk tale, “The Three Princesses of Whiteland,” for my 2nd year Norwegian course. In this story, a king loses his wife and tries desperately to find her. He finds some help on his journey from a king of animals, a king of birds, a king of fishes, three brothers with magical clothing that make a person invisible, and finally the Northwind. At last, he finds his wife again while the Northwind whisks away her false partner. Each slide provides artwork that supported my spoken presentation in Norwegian.

For this project, I hoped to convey the emotions in this Norwegian fairytale, “The Three Princesses of Whiteland,” through collages that combined text and image. My goal was to create emotion in each slide with collaged images and detailing. Folk tales belong to communities and, therefore, their authors are often unknown. People retell folk tales thereby reiterating each tale’s importance in its retelling. Due to this, collaging with images from collective commons helped me connect this project to the nature of folklore and folk tales. Each slide also includes text and images. The slides’ text provides a shortened poetic retelling of this part of the tale. I have provided translations of the text are in the slide notes. The presentation was then paired with my spoken presentation in Norwegian that is not represented here.