Stuck Inside by Darius Pouladian-Kari

COURSE: Communication Arts 355: Introduction to Media Production


This piece is about feeling stuck in place and your head. We see the main character in a slump, staying in bed late and their room a mess. They eventually get up and power through, getting prepared for the day and to brave outside. They leave their apartment in search of a better day.

This piece first came to me from the song that I actually ended up using for the video. I’d been going through some tough times during last semester and wanted to try and reflect that struggle in this video. Once I knew what I wanted it to be about and knew I was going to use my apartment as the setting, I decided to design the shots as if they were all viewing the same space but from very different angles. To me, this whole video is also a metaphor for being stuck in your head, being down and unable to move on until you leave your head, or in this case, the apartment.