Space and Form by Jenny Lee

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COURSE: DS 220 Fundamentals

MEDIUM: Design spread/Portfolio

This design spread/portfolio displays the connections between all three projects. Each problem relates to each other through their shared 3-dimensional contrast of “Economy to Intricacy.” However, they are all uniquely distinct so that no design looks the same. Ultimately, this submission represents the evolution of how a general concept can be transformed into a design that applies to architecture as well as functional art.

I created this submission as I wanted to showcase my work in a cohesive manner. My main medium of work is usually drawing and physical models, however, I wanted to hone my skills in graphic design. The Digital Salon sounded like the perfect opportunity to create a layout that would best exhibit my work as well as improve my ability to effectively communicate visuals and design. Applying what I learned in my classes, I worked to create a design spread that was clear and unified in highlighting my work and explanations.

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