Digital Media

What is Digital Media?

Video essays, podcasts, web blogs, and multimedia presentations are some examples of media projects we work with in DesignLab. Working in different media, you can mix ideas, images, sounds, text, and music to communicate and connect with different audiences. We focus on six families of media.


Check our TOOLKIT for online tools and our RESOURCES for design tips. 

Video / MultiMedia

Video is a sequence or sequences of moving images typically including synchronized sound. Multimedia includes sequences of still images with sound or combinations of video, still images, and sound. There are many file formats for video and multimedia production and distribution.



Presentation is the formal delivery of a message or information to an intended audience utilizing text, image, color, and sound. Presentations may or may not have a live speaker.


e-Writing Forms


E-writing is the digital creation using text, image, symbol, color, and elements of composition.  There are many forms of e-writing, some of which afford digital collaboration.



Imagery is a 2D visual representation relying on the composition of images, symbol, color, and sometimes text.  Digital images are either raster or vector files. There are many methods used in the production and distribution of digital imagery.



Audio is the composition of sound, music, and/or voice. There are many audio recording and processing applications and file formats used in the production and distribution of digital audio work.



The Web is a system of communication based on linked pages or documents accessed via a web browser. Each web page has an address (URL) and contains text, images, and multimedia assets. When designing for the web it is important to consider that the content is accessible by people of all abilities.