Secrets of UW-Madison: A campus tour of lesser-known points of interest by Andrew De Sevilla

COURSE: Life Science Communication 314: Introduction to Digital Video Production


I bet you know about the most popular locations on the UW-Madison campus: Memorial Union, Lakeshore Path, Camp Randall, and so on. C’mon, you’ve been there a dozen times already! But do you know about the secret giraffe shrine, or perhaps the campus ? Join me as we explore interesting, yet lesser-known points of interest on campus. What secrets could Bucky be hiding?!

As a first-year, I made it a goal to explore every building and point of interest on the UW-Madison campus. I am now a third-year, and I have succeeded. During my exploring, I have found some interesting points of interest across campus that hardly anyone talks about!

I am now taking LSC 314 — Introduction to video production. Our first assignment was to create a campus tour, however we chose to show our campus. I decided this would be a perfect time to showcase some of the interesting public places I found! I hope you enjoy this video and learn something new about our campus, and consider visiting this place!