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Professional Website

Professional websites promote an individual person or group. These sites typically place accomplishments, professional interests, contact information and experience at the forefront of the design. The aim is to provide a window into a professional’s background and career. Unlike blogs, such sites are usually updated sporadically. They can be created using a variety of web design tools and require that the site owner has (and often pays for) a “web host”. Below are listed several software options for building websites that begin with “user-friendly” options and progress to ones that require technical know-how.


Wordpress, Wix, Adobe Muse, Dreamweaver, HTML5, CSS3


  • Plan your site before working in any software. Lay out the number and organization of your pages.
  • Design a look and feel that supports your goals. Color, layout and typeface are important.
  • Know your audience - what potential employers or coworkers are you targeting?
  • Utilize space, color, and contrast. Don’t clutter your site. Keep it clean and simple.