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Portfolio Site

A portfolio website allows you to display your work, attract clients, network, and apply for jobs or graduate school. Regardless of your medium, it places your work at the center of the structure and design of the site. Some creative professionals choose to maintain a personal blog on their portfolio site, but the majority use it as a gallery. The best examples are easy to navigate, briefly describe each piece, and include an artist’s or professional statement.


Wordpress, Wix, Tumblr, Dreamweaver


  • Consider your goals: what functions do you want the site to have; who is your audience.
  • Plan your site before working in any software. Lay out the number and organization of your pages. This could include an "About Me" page, a blog,and a gallery of your work.
  • Look at portfolio sites of other artists to help select your design.
  • Avoid clutter by using space between elements. The site should be easy to view and easy to read.