Luke by Leah Rae Rusu

Luke Thumbnail Image

COURSE: Curriculum & Instruction 322 – Art and Design in Teaching

MEDIUM: Video Essay

I created this video for an Art and Design in Teaching course that I took last fall. The assignment was to create a movie about the influences that affected my decision become a teacher. I decided to take this opportunity to share with others my brother’s educational story.

My brother Luke struggled for years in the traditional school setting and spent most of his school years in and out of depression as a result. He began to use drugs and alcohol as a way to escape and found himself floundering in school and social settings. Family, teachers, community members and friends continued to encourage and support him through his various challenges. I interviewed Luke for this project; and his story is told using his words, his memories, and his reflections on the past. My brother is a talented artist and the drawings included in this video are his original works. They help depict the emotions he felt as he relived his journey through school. My brother is one of my major motivators as I pursue a career in elementary education. His story is one of many like it, and I have made it my goal to ensure that all of my students are provided with the opportunities and support they need to have a high quality educational experience. My brother is my inspiration and a daily reminder of the challenges faced by students not only in my community, but in our nation as a whole.