Interactive poster

Interactive posters have their roots in printed, 2-D presentations produced on large-format paper to better convey text, graphs, images, and supporting data. Interactive posters instead use screens, links, and interactive techniques such as rollover animations to enable users to quickly find relevant materials within a much larger set of information. Unlike webpages, an interactive poster contains all relevant materials within itself. Unlike PowerPoint, it allows users to view information in any order they chose rather than a fixed, linear path. Interactive posters can be produced with a variety of tools as web-based or desktop documents.

Best Practices

  • Develop schematic design layout of project.  (Information Architecture Map)
  • Compile web links, images, graphics, audio, etc.     to comprehensively communicate your idea.
  • Is the topic and design appropriate for your audience and venue?
  • Is content navigation clear and user appropriate?
  • Is content clearly communicated? Do links and animations work effectively?
  • Does the final product meet the initial project requirements?
  • Is the final file format accessible to the viewers?

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Software Support

  • Lynda Training:  InDesign (Interactive Documents & Presentations)