Instructor Support

Assigning Smart Media

Assign Media Projects

DesignLab helps instructors use media assignments in existing or new courses. We can work with instructors to develop assignments, incorporate projects that complement traditional papers and reports, and target outcomes in digital literacies and integrative learning. We also help instructors connect with our campus partners that help students with software training and equipment.

Use our Instructional Packages!

Review our Handout with evaluative frames and assignment suggestions.

Check our toolkit for online tools and our resources design tips.

Evaluating Media Projects

Evaluate Media Projects

DesignLab can help instructors with their assessment of media projects by providing rubrics focusing on conceptual, aesthetic, and technical criteria, as well as examples of other student projects. We are committed to building students’ information, technology, and media literacies, as well as developing their individual and collaborative skills.

Course Planning

Plan Courses

DesignLab helps instructors use media assignments in almost any teaching situation, including lecture, discussion, capstone, studio, and service-based learning. Some instructors assign one media project; some assign several so that students can build a portfolio of work. 

If you would like a DesignLab consultant come to your class and do a short presentation on DesignLab please email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Media Studios

Media Studios

College Library features two Media Studios for collaborative, media-rich courses.  Each studio seats up to 24 students, and the two studios can connect to serve classes of up to 48.  The studios’ moveable tables and chairs, MacPro computers, media software and LCD projectors allow for group work, discussion, design critique, media production, and project presentation all within a single space. Learn more

There are several other active learning classrooms located in the central UW-Madison campus area. Learn more 

Share Your Work

Share the Work

DesignLab is committed to enhancing the Wisconsin Idea in the 21st century. We can help instructors and students share their media projects with one another and with other audiences through a variety of venues, ranging from UW-supported and third-party blogs to social media, and YouTube.

In addition, we co-coordinate the annual Digital Salon exhibit of University of Wisconsin-Madison student projects in College Library.