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To help you integrate digital media projects into your class Designlab has developed curriculular materials and in-class presentations we can deliver during the academic year. We will work with you to customize these materials to fit your course content.

Please make an appointment or contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Video Intructional Packages


Video is a sequence of moving images typically including synchronized sound. Sometimes sequences of still images with sound or combinations of video, still images, and sound are described as "video". There are many file formats for video and still image/slideshow production and distribution.


Presentation Instructional Packages


Presentation is the formal delivery of a message or information to an intended audience utilizing text, image, color, and sound. Presentations may or may not have a live speaker.


e-Writing Instructional Packages


E-writing is the digital creation using text, image, symbol, color, and elements of composition. There are many forms of e-writing, such as comics, illustrated essays, and blogs.


Imagery Instructional Packages


Imagery is a 2D visual representation relying on the composition of images, symbol, color, and sometimes text. Digital images are either raster or vector files. There are many methods used in the production and distribution of digital imagery.


Audio Instructional Packages


Audio is the composition of sound, music, and/or voice. There are many audio recording and processing applications and file formats used in the production and distribution of digital audio work.