“Five Seconds Flat” | Lizzy McAlpine by Anna Murphy

COURSE: English 100: Introduction to College Composition

MEDIUM: Non-Linear Presentation

I researched Lizzy McAlpine’s newest album, “five seconds flat” along with McAlpine herself. I looked into her songwriting, sound change, success and social media presence. I then created a non-linear presentation on PowerPoint with the research I found.

For the design of my PowerPoint, I pulled inspiration from McAlpine’s album cover. It had hints of orange, so I decided to continue that color throughout the whole presentation. I took into consideration the picture to text ratio on each slide. I wanted each to be at least 50/50. Overall, I just wanted to make sure my presentation as a whole was cohesive and all fit together, while keeping it informative, easily navigable, and fun.

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