Eternity by Qingqian Chen

COURSE: ART 448: Coding for Graphic Design

MEDIUM: Digital Illustration

The theme of the whole work is around a character in a game called “Genshin Impact.” This character in the game is tragic, with Japanese culture as the background. Her experience gives her an alternative view of human life, so she gets “Eternity” as the fundamental solution.

I like such a role very much.The background creation of this character not only includes the use of Japanese culture and musical instruments, but also includes the inheritance culture of Buddhism, Taoism and so on. If a game can bring a culture so deeply into the game characters, I think it is a great move. So, I take some cultural backgrounds in her as the theme of my work to explain a background rendering with this role as the theme. Another point is that I have a great resonance with the music of this character. Therefore, I hope that more people can hear this music, match the theme of the character’s background, and let more people know the game’s culture. Each color and background pattern is designed according to the background and story of this character. There are some styles that draw lessons from the original design concept, but the whole layout and color selection are adjusted by myself. It can also be said that I restored the theme of the original work to a certain extent. In the center of the painting is the logo drawing representing the cultural background of the character. As the background board of the theme, I have not set too many changes. The general dynamic creation is explained by some simpler shapes. There is no excessive conflict with the theme background.