Dean Phillips: We Wait For You by David Skadron


In America, anything is possible. For good, or bad, change only happens when people decide to take action. In 2016, after Donald Trump’s victory shocked the world, Dean Phillips looked into his daughters’ eyes and promised he would not sit back in the face of tyranny. He dreamed, and then took action (connecting to the theme). The genre of my work is political media. I posted the media to X where it went viral achieving 238k views.

David Skadron, a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin Madison, hails from Minnesota. Inspired by his congressional internship with Dean Phillips, he’s driven by the belief that change begins with action. Skadron’s piece, “Dean Phillips: The Story of a Modern Hamilton”, echoes the theme of dreams realized through action. Just as Alexander Hamilton’s ambition shaped American history, Phillips’ determination to combat tyranny mirrors the spirit of the Founding Fathers. Skadron’s work serves as a testament to the power of dreams and the importance of actively pursuing them in shaping a better future.

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