Consultant Resources

**This page is intended for DesignLab consultants only. If you have reached this page in error, please return to the home page. Thank you!

DesignLab Consultant Systems

Acuity Scheduler Consultant Login
(Used to view appointment details, add “drop-in” appointments, block off time for internal meetings, and add post-consultation notes to appointments.)
Login using your

Google Calendars
(Used to see your weekly DesignLab schedule, view IP times on your schedule, quick view of upcoming appointments.)
Login using your UW-Madison G-Suite account or connected Google Account

Teamwork Desk (Email)
(Used to email your WebEx Meeting Personal Room link to clients for upcoming appointments, to email instructors about IPs, and respond to questions/follow-ups from clients.)
Login using your

LibraryH3lp (Chat)
(Used for external chatting and SMS with clients. Be sure to be logged in to LibraryH3lp for every shift!)
Login using the following format: firstinitiallastname-uw (ex: bbadger-uw)

Teamwork (IPs and Projects)
(Used for keeping track of IP progress, assigning tasks, and having a central repository of IP information. Note: Each course should also have a direct link the DL Google Drive folder for that course.)
Login using your

DL Shared Drive
(Used for all DesignLab files, mostly for IPs and DesignLab Projects.)
Login using your UW-Madison G-Suite account or connected Google Account

WebEx Teams (download here)
(Used for weekly meetings, internal chats/calls with DesignLab staff)
Login using or your preferred email

WebEx Meetings (online login)
(Used for appointments with clients and meetings with instructors)
Login using or your preferred email