Colorful World of Microplastic Identification by Derek Ho

MEDIUM: Photography, Data Visualization

Microplastics, pervasive in our environment, demand comprehensive study to understand their scale and impact. Through my doctoral research, I’ve merged my passion for photography and engineering to devise an automated microplastic detection and identification method. Utilizing Nile Red (NR), whose fluorescence hinges on material properties, offers a promising solution. By integrating expertise in NR dye behavior, microplastic fluorescence, and digital color theory, I illuminate the paradoxical allure of microplastics. My work showcases fluorescence imaging’s potential to differentiate various microplastics (PP, HDPE, LDPE, EPS, PS, PC, ABS, PVC, PET, PA) under 310nm illumination, captured with precision with a full-frame mirrorless Canon-RP camera.

Derek Ho embodies an artistic perspective that finds beauty in the intricacies of Science, Nature, and People. Utilizing photography as a conduit to embrace the present moment, he captures the essence of his surroundings. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Biological Systems Engineering, Derek’s research focuses on detecting Microplastics, allowing him to explore the interconnectedness of natural systems.

In his artwork, Derek amalgamates these connections, crafting compositions that reflect both simplicity and complexity. Through his lens, he distills the multifaceted reality into singular frames with compelling narratives. Parry and Bloo, his beloved parakeets, serve as cherished muses, inspiring him to convey profound non-verbal stories through his imagery. Their vibrant presence motivates Derek to accentuate colors in his work.

Reflective of his playful approach to photography and deep reverence for the world’s beauty, Derek’s website, aptly named All Things Blootiful, serves as a testament to his creative vision and boundless appreciation for life’s wonders.