Badger in Pop Art by Dan He

COURSE: Independent

MEDIUM: Poster

“Badger in Pop Art” was initially created as a poster for Transfer Transition Program’s event “Murder Mystery Nights.” I created this poster using Canva and Pixlr.

As a Transfer Student Coordinator at Transfer Transition Program, I was mainly responsible for graphic designs for our activities and campus events. One of our events was called “Murder Mystery Nights,” which was a detective game. Every time I hear about “Murder” or “Detective”, I would always think about colors like “black”, “white”, “red”, “gray” etc. However, since we held all of our events online during the pandemic, our participation rate decreased and the interaction with students became more difficult. In order to attract more students to participate in our events, I chose to use brighter colors instead of black and white for the “Murder Mystery” theme. When I think about colors, pop art just pops out of my mind, that’s why I choose to use the “pop art” theme for this event.