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Methods & Approaches

Audio Narrative

Audio narratives tell stories through sound alone: narration, interviews, live and archival sound recordings, environmental soundscapes, sound effects, found sounds, etc. Audio narratives use storytelling along with other audio means to create intimate experiences through characters, plot, and setting.


GarageBand, Audacity, ProTools


  • Storyboard your project first to catalogue what resources you will need (such as sounds or music), and to make sure that you build a coherent project that meets your goals and has good narrative structure.
  • An audio narrative needs to have many of the same aspects as a good written narrative.
  • Always identify your perspective and goals. What are you trying to achieve with your narrative? This may change as you work on the project but make by making purposeful decisions, and not just “letting it go where it will” you will generally end up with a better, more impactful story.
  • Be respectful of others. If you are telling someone else’s story treat it as you would your own.