A Socially-Distanced Lunch atop a Skyscraper by Jorden Grob

COURSE: ART 107: Introduction to Digital Forms

MEDIUM: Digital Collage

An edited version of the classic 1932 photograph that removed all but 3 of the original 11 construction workers, giving them masks as well as PPE.

When I first came to campus in Fall 2020, things felt very isolating compared to photos I had seen of campus before or what I had heard from upperclassmen. It felt as if the spaces that were created to be jam-packed with people were unnervingly desolate. This satirical piece serves as commentary on how even hundreds of feet up in the air, it is still important to hold up masking & social-distance guidelines, while also emphasizing how it truly feels empty & lackluster where there should be people. However, it serves the political purpose to remind the viewer that once more people adhere to the (at the time current) mask mandate and get vaccinated, these empty spaces that were created to be filled can return to their natural state.